Before and After Vaginal Depth Demonstration-1

27-year-old MtF patient from Indonesia after Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS


  • The pictures show an excellent result of a Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS displaying cosmetically pleasing external genitalia on top of a fully functional and sensate vagina with a vaginal depth of  9 inches
  • Result pictures shown were taken two years after her Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS
  • The patient followed the dilatation schedule for an initial four month time period
  • OLMEC’s full Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS results in a sensate clitoris, a sensate clitoral hood, and hairless labia minora. Labia majora and labia minora are well defined and they reach down to the vaginal entrance to cover it well
  • The patient is married and enjoys an absolutely normal sex life including orgasms