Before and After Vaginal Depth Demonstration-1

31-year-old  MtF patient after Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS


  • This case shows an excellent result of an Indina MtF patient after Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS achieving aesthetically pleasing genitalia with a vaginal depth of 10 inches
  • The results pictures shown were taken three years after Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS. The patient followed the dilation schedule for an initial three months. She claims that she no longer needs dilation
  • Olmec cosmetic GCS/SRS got performed to create the clitoris, the clitoral hood and the inner surface of the labia minora. The patient has a sensate and arousable clitoris, clitoral hood and well defined labia majora and minora. the vaginal introitus is well covered with labia
  • The patient is married and enjoys an absolutely normal sexual life including orgasms


Dilator before insertion, well defined labia and the clitoral complex are visible

Dilator inserted halfway – by parting the labia majora, the inner hairless labia minora and normal sized clitoris underneath the clitoral hood are clearly visible

Dilator inserted fully, assessing vaginal depth