Before and After Sex Change Surgery

Cosmetic GCS/SRS of a 26-year-old MtF patient from Hyderabad, India

  • She opted for cosmetic GCS/SRS due to financial constraints and the Sigma-Lead vaginoplasty will be performed at a later date
  • The option of a Sigma-Lead vaginoplasty using a short colon graft for greater depth and better vaginal sensation is available
  • The patient is happy with the shape of the outer genitalia and currently content with a vaginal depth of 4 inches
  • In cases like those, the combination of a cosmetic GCS/SRS and a Sigma-Lead vaginoplasty performed at a later date remains the best option to achieve an excellent sensitive and functional result


Application of the markings before surgery



After GCS/SRS surgery the patient enjoys the appearance of proper female genitalia


With legs butterflied open we can see the clitoris and the labia minora