Before and After Sex Change Surgery

Sigma-Lead GCS/SRS outcome of a 29-year-old MtF patient from India resulting in a vaginal depth of 10 inches

  • The overall necessary dilatation schedule with soft and rigid dilators for the patient was 4 months
  • The patient is extremely happy with her clitoris and outer genitalia
  • Clearly visible well-defined labia minora with a yielding natural introitus
  • Over time the vaginal mucosa will gain a normal pinkish color as being demonstrated in picture 3
  • The patient is married and claims to have normal sexual desire experiencing female erotic pleasure and female orgasms


Result with well-defined clitoris, labia majora and minora


Left-hand finger pointing at the clearly visible clitoris


Vaginal opening showing proper looking vaginal mucosa (Sigma-Lead mucosa)