Before and After Corrective Vaginoplasty | Corrective Vaginoplasty Surgery Resilts

Corrective GCS/SRS without available penile and scrotal skin grafts


We frequently receive badly operated GCS/SRS cases that were done somewhere else. In these cases, the penis and testes fail to be present. These cases are challenging because penile and scrotal skin is missing. Such type of corrective genital correction surgery procedure is regularly performed at Olmec achieving excellent results. These cases can be managed by performing Sigma-Lead vaginoplasty and by also performing vulva creation with or without skin grafts.


Poorly performed GCS/SRS elsewhere without the use of penile and scrotal skin and no vagina


Visible reconstructed labia majora and a dilator entering the vagina for dilation 


Dilator inserted completely with a vaginal depth of about 10 inches