Introduction to Male to Female Gender Dysphoria

Please meet Carl.
At first glance, he is just like you and me.
Hey Carl, you are just one regular, normal guy, right Carl?”

“Yes, sure!”
I wouldn‘t let anybody into my deep inner me.
They all say I‘m a boy. How I hate that. I know I look like one, and I have the proper genitals to go with it, but I don‘t like being a boy. It just feels wrong! I am so much more tender inside and so different than the other guys.
They are all about bragging, competing and proving themselves to be so great. I just feel more comfortable with girls, and around girls. I like the way they tick, the way their world is and the way their feelings make them lead their lives.
But most of all – I‘d like to be like them!
No one would understand that, my parents, my families, my friends, no one! I want to be like a girl – really like them, have their body, have their genitals, have their skin, I want to have their hair, I want to look so delicate and female like they do! I want their beautiful female breasts. They are just like angels walking on this earth – there is nothing more beautiful than a woman on this planet – in the entire universe!
I don‘t know if I am crazy, but I just can‘t help it – these feelings never stop. I can try to ignore them, push them away, but they always come back – always!
I want to feel what it‘s like to be female, have sex the way a woman does, experience orgasms and climaxes the way a woman does! I always dream about that finally happening to me! I so often dream I will just wake up one day and be female, touch my body and it will feel the way I want it to. Touch my vulva, my vagina, my breasts, my hips and …… but then I open my eyes…. and this world is such a dreadful and hurtful place, because my body is male.
It‘s not what I want! It‘s not what I dream of and want to feel like deep inside! Maybe I feel a bit female deep inside, I don‘t know. But my body says different, and my life feels different. Maybe it‘s the hormones – but it all just seems plain wrong.

“No all fine here – all cool.”

What Carl doesn‘t know is I can read his mind.
He is so ashamed of how he feels – or better SHE is so ashamed of how SHE feels! Let‘s call Carl Carla for now.
She doesn‘t know what‘s the matter with her because she was physically born a boy, but her mind is female – and that is why she struggles so hard to accept a life that doesn‘t match what her female mind feels and wants. She is far from crazy or mentally sick – she is completely healthy, and all of her senses and her body work well. She has a condition that medical professionals describe as GENDER DYSPHORIA (in earlier times they named it GID) or being transsexual.
What she can do to get help is find someone who understands her and can help her figure out on what to do next. She will learn how to move along on a path that medicals and people like her call transition – to adapt the physical characteristics of the opposite sex to make the body match the female mind. Physically her body will be changed into a female body as much as possible, and one day SHE WILL WAKE UP AND SEE HER DREAM COME TRUE!
Allow me to say here, that wherever in the world you live, the basic next 3 steps are the same in the process of moving on in a transition for every transgender individual.

  1. At first, you will seek the consultation of a qualified psychologist who will diagnose you as being transgender or gender dysphoric.
  2. The psychiatrist will then refer you to an endocrinologist, who will prescribe you female hormones so you can begin hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
  3. After a certain HRT period, you will be eligible for gender-confirming surgeries, indicated by a referral letter from your psychologist.

But back to Carla.
She went to see a psychiatrist near her home. Unfortunately, this psychiatrist was uneducated, ill-informed and unaware of the realities of a transgender person. Her psychiatrist called up her parents and explained to them, that Carla was suffering due to a hormonal problem. The psychiatrist didn‘t know that this was simply wrong!
Carla‘s hormones were just fine (biologically speaking), they simply didn‘t match her mind! Being transgender or gender dysphoric means that the transgender person has a mindset, that doesn‘t align with the body they were given at birth.
Then Carla met a transgender girl who told her about OLMEC, and how Carla could come to Delhi and have the psychiatrist evaluate her. Should this consultation result in telling her she is gender dysphoric, she would instantly get referred to OLMEC‘s endocrinologist who would prescribe her the hormones for HRT, and she could be starting her HRT treatment at this very moment.
When Carla heard about that she was absolutely thrilled and happy! It was so great to know that she was not the only one who felt this way. And it was even possible to change a part of her life within 24 hours! And that is what she did. She asked her parents to come with her to Delhi to see the OLMEC specialists.

Should you feel like Carla but want to avoid the situation she was confronted with at first, then make sure to seek an experienced psychologist.

Alternatively, you can come to the OLMEC in Delhi and talk to one of our psychologists, who will be able to evaluate you and who can mostly instantly tell you, if you are a transgender person or not. You will learn that there is no need to be ashamed for what you feel and how you feel like – it‘s normal, it‘s part of how nature plays its game.

The psychologist will help you with your “coming-out”, which is to let your parents, your family, your friends and the people close to you know what the matter is with you.
The psychologist will also help you get started with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). He will refer you to OLMEC clinic‘s endocrinologist who will help you set up a healthy, safe and very rewarding HRT for you. Once your mind realises and feels the female hormones estrogen and progesterone flooding your body, it will feel better and happier each day.
After 3 months you will be eligible for appropriate gender confirmation surgeries (GCS), that will turn your male appearance into a female body.
If your body has not started puberty yet, there will only be a genital confirmation surgery necessary, and all other aspects of the female body will develop all by itself because your body gets the correct hormones to make it develop like a woman.

Are you past puberty, then you will have quite a range of procedures to go through, to get the female body your mind so needs to be happy and at peace.
Here at OLMEC clinic we will help you with all the surgeries necessary to give you that physical female body.
You can get the laser epilation to get rid of your facial hair. You can have breast augmentation to enjoy the breasts your mind is waiting for. You can have voice feminization surgery so that everybody will recognise your voice as female in everyday life. You can have facial gender confirmation surgery (FGC also called FFS), so everybody will see the woman you are by looking at your face. You can have genital confirmation surgery (GCS also named GRS or SRS) to turn the male genital into a female genital so you can experience sex in all its dimensions the way your mind has always anticipated.

Here at OLMEC you will find professionals solely dedicated to helping the transgender community with experience, knowledge and know-how that is unparalleled.