Frequently Asked Question in Sex Change Surgery Delhi India

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a psychiatrist at your clinic who can diagnose me of gender dysphoria? How long does the diagnosis take? Waiting for years to get top surgery will be a huge disappointment for me and I’m hoping to get top surgery ASAP.
We have psychiatrist on our panel. After consultation with Dr Kaushik at Olmec, you will be guided to our psychiatrist. If you are having definite gender dysphoria then diagnosis takes only one visit. After diagnosis , you may go top surgery at the earliest.
  • Will I need a letter from a psychiatrist before the surgery, saying that I am ready?
Yes you will need a letter at least from one psychiatrist.

Better if you get letter fron one psychaitrist and one psychologist and one endocrinologist  or these can be managed, once you are at OLMEC.

  • Will you provide post op documentation to change gender markers on legal documents?

We will provide all the documents regarding Sex change surgery which will suffice for changes in legal documents.